Saben aquell

Saben aquell

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Barcelona, late 60's. Eugenio Jofra, a young jeweler, meets Conchita on a bus. They instantly fall in love and the two begin the love story of their lives. Eugenio learns to play the guitar to accompany Conchita in her musical career, for which he will have to fight stage fright. Thus begins the musical career of 'Els dos'. When Conchita has to leave Barcelona for two weeks, she convinces Eugenio to carry out the performances on his own. When he returns, Eugenio has become a phenomenon of underground humor in the city. Little by little, the two of them build up the character: the glasses, the black shirt, the stool, the cigarettes and the tube glass, which will become an unexpected success in a depressed Spain desperately looking for a laugh with this unique comedian who starts all his jokes with 'Saben aquell...'


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